You’ve Got Issues – How we can help you connect with the volunteers you need

Don’t write us off for saying it, but we’re pretty sure you’ve got issues.

Some people call it passion. Some people call it purpose. For now, we’re sticking with…


Truth be told, we’ve all got issues and it’s a beautiful thing!

Why beautiful? The reason is simple.

There are people out there who hold in their heart the very issues that are near and dear to you. And that, my friends, is where Self Directed Volunteer Teams and organizations find mutual satisfaction and motivation

So how do you make your issues known to people who might want to help? Great question!

We call it the Issue Brief. Through the SDV Network™ we can walk you through how to craft a compelling Issue Brief.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Be Clear – avoid vague generalizations. Clearly articulate an area of need and how it relates to the mission of your organization.

Be Confident – put in the effort knowing that people are out there who, upon understanding your need, will be more than willing to help fill it.

Be Creative – think outside the box. Consider the external causes and internal organizational needs that would benefit greatly from another perspective.

Be Complete – let the details speak! Don’t leave out key information based on assumptions. Articulate important nuances regarding prior or current efforts, stakeholders, and timelines.


Yes, we’ve got Issues. And there are millions of capable, energetic, willing volunteers who are ready to help address issues that resonate with their own interests and passions.

So don’t keep it to yourself! Tell the world, “I’ve got issues!”

There are plenty of people waiting to go forth with you and conquer!


To learn more about our work with Self Directed Volunteer Teams and for more information on how to prepare and use an Issue Brief, contact us at