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  1. Large Social Issues around a variety of specific themes remain unaddressed in communities per SDV Network (SDVN) Problem Statement.
    1. Agencies who want issues addressed but lack resources and/or human capital
    2. Large numbers of people want to volunteer but organizations do not know how to engage them in ways that are meaningful to them.
    3. SDVN offers a unique structured approach based on Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVTs) for agencies to engage volunteers in meaningful ways that benefit the volunteers, the Agency and the local communities.


  1. Website
  2. SDV Theory of Change
  3. Informational Marketing Materials
    1. SDVT Overview Flyer
    2. Critical Success factors
    3. Client Voices video
    4. Meet Mary video



  1. SDVN engages with the sponsoring organization.
    1. SDVN meets with the Sponsor Organization to review and confirm approach, timeline, desired outcomes, stakeholder engagement, and any other matters relevant to the Sponsors SDVT Initiative.
    2. SDVN and Sponsor organization affirm the project outcomes, and review the project scope and responsibilities.
  2. SDVN  develops a Project Plan including a Logic Model Theory of Change for the initiative; clearly articulated intended outcomes and expected impact
  3. The sponsoring organization identifies member agencies that can benefit from SDVT training.
    1. RFPs are sent to member agencies to apply for participation if necessary
    2. General information about SDVTs are sent to member agencies (including a reference to the Online Tutorial/Informational Video on SDVI)
  4. Sponsoring organization shortlists and selects participating agencies, using the SDVN Rubric
    1. Successful agencies sign an MOU with sponsoring organization.
  5. SDVN facilitates an SDVT Introductory Webinar for Agency executives
  6. SDVN issues information to each agency for an SDVN Readiness Assessment (SDVN RA) to determine level of readiness to effectively engage SDVTs.
    1. Information issued includes:
    2. Agencies facilitate completion of the SDVN RA Survey
    3. SDVN provides a) feedback and b) Readiness Assessment Report and helps agency develop a plan of action to better prepare for implementation of SDV Teams
  7. Simultaneously, agency identifies Key Staff Person(s) (KSP) based on SDVN Key Staff Description to act as point of contact between the SDV Team and the agency.
  8. KSP will develop one or more Issue Brief(s).
    1. Finalized Issue Briefs are submitted to the Sponsoring Organization for information only
  9. SDVN provides KSP Orientation and Training Webinar
  10. KSP will identify a Team Facilitator based on SDVN Team Facilitator Description who has an interest in the related issue. The TF’s key responsibility is the  coordination of the SDV Team.
  11. KSP begins the completion of the SDVN Team Charter.
  12. Simultaneously the TF supported by the KSP recruits volunteers as team members (via the Team Member Description) who have an interest in the issue.
  13. SDVN provides SDVN Signature Workshop for KSPs, TFs and available volunteers.
    1. Workshop Participants are provided with the following handouts:


  1. The Team determines a Project (using the SDVN Project Guidelines) that they will use to address the Issue. Additional volunteers are recruited as relevant.
  2. The Team plans the project using the SDVN Project Planning Template.
    1. SDVN provides agency access to the SDVN Project Planning Guidelines and the SDVN Project Planning Instructional Video
  3. The Team initiates the project and engages community partners using the SDVN Community Partners Engagement Guidelines.
  4. Simultaneously, assigned SDVN coaches provide coaching support and technical assistance to each team based on the SDVN Coaching Guidelines
  5. Simultaneously, Sponsor Organization hosts and Agencies (TF, KSP and Volunteers) participate in a bi-monthly call based on the SDVN Group Check-In Process / Conference Call Ground Rules
  6. Simultaneously, SDVN provides Sponsoring organization  with a monthly Project Update Report outlining the progress of each team.
  7. Simultaneously, Sponsoring organization hosts monthly Project Update Call with SDVN.
  8. Each quarter, SDVN issues reminders to each team to submits project updates to the SDVN online Managed Progress Tracker
    1. Teams complete an online survey update for EACH project
    2. SDVN provides a Progress Tracker Report and Feedback to each agency
    3. SDVN provides a Progress Tracker Consolidated Report to the Sponsoring Organization
  9. At the completion of each project, the team submits an online SDVN Project Completion Report
    1. SDVN forwards reports to Sponsor Organization

Review and Evaluation

  1. During implementation SDVN facilitates discovery discussions, including selected site visits based on SDVN Site Visit Guidelines.
    1. SDV Network and Sponsor Organization will meet to review, refine opportunities and recommendations and agree any necessary adjustments.
  2. At the end of the initiative SDVN provides a Final Report to the Sponsor Organization


  1. SDV Network develops a custom branded SDVT Toolkit for Sponsor Organization (i.e. starburst pages, any client specific messaging, etc.)
  2. SDV Network prepares a custom SDVT Ambassador Manual for Sponsor Organization
  3. SDVN facilitates identification of selected team members to be trained as Sponsor Organization Trainers aka  SDVT Ambassadors
  4. SDV Network provides SDVN Ambassador Training for up to 10 selected prospective trainers.
  5. At the end of the training successful participants will be designated as Certified SDVN Ambassadors & authorized to conduct ongoing training according the SDVN Ambassador Agreement.
  6. SDVN will audit the engagement and training of a new cohort of up to 10 volunteers teams by SDVN Ambassadors  (i.e. the Preparation/Training and Implementation processes will be facilitated by Sponsor Organization/Ambassadors and audited by SDV Network).
  7. At successful completion of the first project (we may benefit from clarifying what is meant by “the first project” — I think we overuse the term “project” sometimes and it can become confusing — for instance, projects completed by the SDV Teams vs. “the project” being the initiative completing a full cycle, etc.), SDVN will maintain ongoing support per the SDVN Licensing Agreement