Free Collaboration Tools for your SDV Team – Part 1

The beauty of being part of a Self Directed Team™ is the autonomous nature of your group. In an SDV team™ each person plays their own integral role with the combined mutual efforts accomplishing goals bigger than any one person could accomplish on their own. As your team is made up of volunteers however it is quite likely that not all of your teammates are able to see each other on a daily basis. In fact in some cases team members may not even live in the same country. This does not have to be a problem at all. Indeed being able to recruit expertise globally will open you to, literally, a whole new world of human resources. And with the wealth of free tools now available collaboration between team-members has never been easier or more cost-effective.

In this series of articles we are going to investigate  tools that we here at SDV Network™ recommend for you to use to manage, direct and collaborate with your SDV Team™. Each tool is available to you right now for absolutely free! Here are the first two tools in our series:

1. Asana

asanaAre you spending a lot of time in progress meetings? For your SDV Team™ to be productive you need to be able to easily organize your projects and tasks. This is where Asana comes in. Asana at it’s most basic is a shared task list for your team. Once you become proficient with it’s use however it becomes so much more.
Using Asana large projects can be created and then broken down into smaller tasks that can be assigned to individual team members. These tasks and projects can also be assigned attributes such as priority, estimated deadlines, resource requests, etc. Users can update their tasks as they complete them. And best of all it allows all members of the team, as well as the parent organization to see the status of the projects and tasks in real time. In this way everyone involved is ‘on the same page’ and fully informed. No more confusion over priorities or expectations. The interface is easy to use and does not require any expertise.
To find out more about Asana visit:

2. Evernote

evernoteIs all of your important information stored on paper and unorganized? It is such a cliched but still accurate statement: knowledge is power. And by working as part of a team your combined knowledge makes you a powerful asset indeed. But how do you access that knowledge? This is where the tool Evernote comes in. Evernote’s slogan is “Remember everything”. The simplest way to describe it would be as ‘a digital notepad’. But the true genius of the program lies in how you use it.
If you are similar to me and countless other typical workers you have volumes of useful, critical and just plain interesting information scattered across post-it notes, notebooks, old print-outs and other surfaces in and around your desk. Imagine digitizing all of these notes, allowing them to be easily organized and searchable. And furthermore imagine that these notes can be easily shared with and accessed by other team-members. Evernote allows you to do this.
You can cut and paste digital documents or websites and take photos of physical documents or notes. Evernote automatically organizes and indexes all of your information. The full power of Evernote is too much to be described in one blog post alone, but you can find other examples of it’s use by visiting:

So there you have it.
Two completely free services that are available right now to help you to turn your SDV team™ into a lean mean productive machine. If you are not currently using one of these services than we encourage you to take a few minutes today and do some research into their use. Hopefully this article will encourage you to pause and consider whether any of these tools are a profitable fit for your team.

Have we missed anything? Are there any other free tools that you feel should be on this list? If so please let us know by e-mailing us at