Managed Progress Tracking

Finding Your True North

What We Offer:

  • Easy to use online progress tracking tool
  • We capture and analyze data to demonstrate progress of your team.
  • We will track, analyze and report.
  • Track multiple projects
  • Progress tracker is customizable per organization.
  • Professional, easy to understand reports including charts and graphs for communicating with executives, boards, funders and other stakeholder

Here at SDV Network™, we continue an ongoing effort to track the impact of self-directed teams in organizations, communities and on the volunteers themselves. Thanks to input from the field, we have been able to better identify the key assessment factors to assist you in tracking the progress of your teams.

Our Managed Progress Tracking is the perfect solution for organizations that want to focus on their business with the assurance that ongoing measurement and evaluation of their self directed volunteer teams is being professionally handled. Let us take care of the important business of measurement and evaluation for your organization.

Why Progress Tracking is Important

It will take away the administrative burden from the organization.
To monitor the progress and impact of your teams, and the effect on the volunteers and participant communities.
Easy access to accrued data as needed
Maintains the interest and engagement and feeling of accomplishment of your volunteers
Track your goals and the effectiveness of your volunteer engagement
Provides evidence of your program to stakeholders

Managed Application Activities

Quarterly reminders and follow up sent out for each team and/or project
Data collection and analysis
Individual electronic report prepared for each team – per quarter and Year-To-Date.
Consolidated electronic report prepared for your organization – per quarter and Year-To-Date
Custom reports on request