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PowerUP! Training Institute Workshop – Metropolis Resort, Eau Claire, WI

Registration is still open for this workshop. Enroll now to reserve your space!

Workshop Description:

One solution to alleviate tighter budgets is to expand the use of volunteers. With a growing population of retirees who have time and an interest in meaningful volunteer work, its a great time to explore ways to enhance and sustain volunteer programs. Find out how by attending our PowerUP! training.

This is an on-site training workshop on self-directed volunteer teams for two to three volunteers who are representing a local organization, agency, or program to learn about self-directed volunteer team development and engagement. It consists of a one-hour virtual training webinar for paid staff prior to on-site volunteer training workshop.


Location: Metropolis Resort & Conference Center
Address: 5150 Fairview Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54791
Phone: 202-872-0888



  • July 31, 2014 (10am – 4pm) – August 1, 2014 (9am – 3pm): On-site Volunteer Training


Participating organizations are encouraged to send 2-3 volunteers and designate one staff person who will be trained via webinar in June. Those attending will learn efficient, effective and sustainable strategies to increase and enhance volunteer engagement that strengthens their organization and builds service capacity.

Misc Information:

  • All organizations and participants will be confirmed by staff after enrollment is completed.
  • All participants will be responsible for:
    • Accessing, downloading, and bringing hard copies of training materials to training workshop. Materials will be made available for download after all enrollments are completed and confirmed. n4a staff will follow-up with how to access.
  • All participants will also be responsible for travel costs.


Contact Patricia – or call (202) 872 – 0888.
For more information, visit PowerUP! online at:

Training Resources / Handouts

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Registration is still open for this workshop. Enroll now to reserve your space!