The SDV Team: Getting to Know Each Other

When your team comes together, they may have different levels of experience with each other. It might be that they know each other well, it might be be that they know each other from events or committees, or they might not know each other at all.

What we do know is that people who get to know each other will work together even more smoothly. So, to set things off on the right note – it is good to have your team begin to see the things that they have in common with other team members.

You’ll want to do some activities to break the ice, here are some good examples:

– Ask people to get to know something relevant about each other in pairs, and introduce their partner to the group.

– Invite each member to introduce themselves, and share something from the past like the first concert they ever saw, or their favorite childhood craft.

– Share something about a previous success working on a team.

– Create a drawing that shows their interests and talents. Have each team member share their drawing and explain it to the group. Post each drawing     on the wall, and the next person who goes will link to their drawing to the last one (e.g., both like yoga).

Getting the group to find areas of shared interest will help relationships to grow and will help your project to gel faster. Do you have some activities that you do to help team members break the ice? Let us know below!