Part 2.1: What Is a Self-Directed Volunteer Team?


A Self Directed Volunteer Team (SDV Team) is a multi-skilled group of volunteers who share responsibilities for addressing a challenge or opportunity in their community that they care about. Projects are usually time-limited, involve a continuum of volunteer roles and rely on the creativity and initiative of the team members to complete the work as a team. Through time, the team is empowered to take full responsibility for its own functioning and for results. Watch our two-minute video.

SDV Teams explained in 2 minutes...

Click on the video link to the right. It will launch a short two-minute video that summarizes what a Self-Directed Volunteer team is and how it works.

Components of an SDV Team

  • Key Staff Persons

    An assigned agency staff member who has received self-directed volunteer team training and represents the agency to ensure that the team has the training, support and advocacy it needs to be successful.
    Learn more about Key Staff

  • Team Facilitators

    A team member who has received self-directed team training and is responsible for the facilitating the team process and coordinating with the Key Staff Person to monitor the outcomes of the team.
    Learn More about Team Facilitators

  • The Volunteers

    These are the team members who:

    • Share responsibilities for addressing a challenge or opportunity in a community.
    • Make commitment to review and contribute to team charter, goals and strategies.
    • Regularly attend team meetings.
    • Actively participate in team process and project(s).
    • Rotate in and out of team roles.
    • Can work on their own and like to work on a team.
Tutorial Progress Completion

You know what an SDV Team is now. So let’s look at some reasons why you should start a Self Directed Volunteer Team!