Part 2.2: The Evidence for Self-Directed Teams™

We firmly believe that there is a perfect fit for most non-profit organizations between The Aging Network and the implementation of Self-Directed Volunteer Teams™. During the Self-Directed Volunteer Team™ training, you will see several examples of a variety of self-directed teams, their sponsoring agencies and the successful project they completed.

Dr. John Bradley
Professor of Occupational Therapy
Estrella Mountain Community College

The Evidence Loop for Self Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVT)™

Over the years SDVT training has been provided for scores of teams sponsored by national agencies. The Self Directed Volunteer Network ( continues to refine its training curriculum and customize training programs for organizations. Scores of SDVTs™ have been tracked with surveys, and interviews of stakeholders being conducted regularly. The SDVN™ encourages teams to submit quarterly updates for ongoing evaluation and tracks the literature relevant to SDVTs™. SDVN™ promotes a community that shares information about best practices and learning about SDVTs™. Hence, the evidence-based practice loop continues to be strengthened, and we look forward to the contributions that your participation would add.

Tutorial Completion Progress

We’ve discussed the reasons for Self Directed Teams. Now let’s discuss why you should join the SDVN.