Training Overview

The Self-Directed Volunteer Network provides a signature training to equip organizations to implement the self-directed team concept. This fresh approach to volunteer engagement is rooted in research and evidence-based approaches to recruit, engage and retain the next generation of older adult volunteers.

For older adult volunteers, the team experience provides an unparalleled opportunity to leverage skills, capabilities, and networks; fulfill personal goals; and even uncover new talents. By engaging volunteer teams, organizations discover new ways to address the important issues, extend the mission and reach of the agency, while making tangible contributions to their communities.

Customized training is offered by certified facilitators in a variety of convenient formats that will always include at a minimum:

  1. Introduction to the Self-directed Volunteer Team concept
  2. Pre-workshop Webinar
  3. Online organizational readiness assessment
  4. Workshop with hands-on training and practical step-by-step “how-to’s”
  5. Post-workshop Webinar
  6. Access to online community for expert assistance, contributions, tips and resources
  7. Tools and templates
  8. One-on-one agency support
  9. Technical assistance as needed
  10. Progress Tracker

What You Can Expect

Uncover new strategies

to engage volunteers within organizations and the community.

Understand the nuances of self-directed teams

how to position the teams for success within organizations, engage them to achieve shared goals, sustain teams over time, and understand the ins and outs of teams in practice.


to assess impact and effectiveness of the teams.

Generate fresh interest

in organizations while engaging different types of volunteers using their skills in enhanced capacities.

Targeted Projects

successful outcomes for individual volunteers, teams, organization and community.

Grow specialized experience in your organization

Key Staff Person and Volunteer Team Facilitator get the training they need plus added technical support as teams develop, take root, and flourish.

Participants leave the training with a vision for their teams, documented plan, tools to keep going, and the support to help get there.

The SDVN is excited to support organizations in engaging older adult volunteers in their communities through self-directed volunteer teams.

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